Update: SolDate Partners With Leading Swiss NFT Protocol All-Art

3 min readJul 24, 2021

We have some really exciting news to share! To provide SolDate users seamless access to the top of the line hottest NFTs on the market, we have struck an amazing partnership deal with one of the leading European NFT protocols — All-Art.

Like us, we are sure you are equally excited and looking forward to having All-Art NFT-PROs listed on the platform that will be made available for sale and purchase using the first-ever dating tokens $DATE. The two business development teams had been in talks for over a month. Now it’s all stands finalized. Soon you’ll see it unfolding and users accessing All-Art’s NFTs directly via the SolDate platform.

All-Art is a powerful intervention that’s signaling the problems with the typical NFT marketplaces. They believe in the idea that “Artworks” must become a liquid asset class with an exchangeable value. One of the key benefits which drive NFT buyers and investors to All-Art is its no-fuss hassle-free NFT trading interface. It has multiple innovative features with advanced NFT trading benefits.

Soldate NFT Marketplace

Dating involves gifts. They can be anything. However, if you think of a trendy and in-vogue gift idea, gifting your partner an art NFT token can be a brilliant idea. On the SolDate platform, users will be able to purchase the most trendy and high-value digital art pieces using their $DATE tokens.

Imagine gifting your existing or potential partner a piece of unique art/design that cannot be copied. Your partner will be the sole owner with an immutable cryptographically secure proof of ownership. The best is it will be exchangeable with real value and an asset whose price would only keep growing over time. That’s the power of the SolDate NFT market! And now, we have already partnered with All-Art, the platform that hosts a range of exquisite Art NFTs!

A Brief Overview Of All-Art

All-Art is an advanced NFT protocol that connects Art-based NFT creators and art lovers from across the globe. Based out of one of the world’s biggest art markets, Switzerland, All-Art has already partnered with some top artists and art influencers from across the globe. Following the partnership, All-Art will now allow SolDate users to use $DATE tokens on their platform to purchase NFTs.

One of the key advantages of partnering with All-Art is they already have an advanced Unity-Solana Wallet. The wallet acts as a bridge connecting developers and the Solana blockchain. This feature primarily focusing on game developers also makes connecting our Solana-based dating platform with All-Art easy.

Moreover, All-Art has an exciting liquidity pool of automated marketing mechanisms (AMMs) that provides consistent liquidity for NFTs. Effectively it would mean, SolDate users, who are interested in trading and making money from NFTs, can also easily invest or become a liquidity provider using their $DATE tokens.

Behind The Scenes

In our last update, we had promised exciting new developments. Our strategic partnership with All-Art is one such conclusive deal that we have finalized. The team’s diligently pursuing other opportunities; some are already in the process of finalization. We have received multiple offers to collaborate. However, we have a stringent vetting process; we only want to bring the best to SolDate users and the community.

The development and feature testing of the SolDate platform is underway. We will soon be releasing a development update with all that’s ready so far. We are confident to be on schedule with our proposed timeline.

We have been actively sharing every development and detail with the community. Let’s hear from you if you have ideas, suggestions or anything that you would want to hear from us instead. Come out in the comments below and share your thoughts.

We thank our SolDate community members and the larger Solana community for their faith in us and their support.





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