2 min readSep 24, 2021

Soldate is pleased to announce a partnership with SWFT Blockchain, a one stop cross-chain solution that aims to have simpler, faster and safer transactions for every user and supports over 500 currencies worldwide.

SWFT Blockchain is a cross-chain wallet, exchange, payment and transfer platform powered by Swftcoin (SWFTC) which allows users to trade, swap, pay with and share hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

It is a “Next-Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Agreement” that focuses on integrating the world’s major exchanges and blockchains to effectively hedge risks and provide an efficient and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers to customers.

It is the future’s cross-chain transfer platform and payment network. SWFT enables direct swaps of over 500+ Tokens and provides the best rates with ultra low fees. The platform also processes transactions as fast as 1 minute with P2P, QR-code and cold wallet security.

So What’s The Deal?

$DATE token is going crosschain with SWFT Blockchain!
Soon you will be able to exchange $DATE with over 250 other cryptocurrencies, use it on SWFTPay or share to anyone anywhere using red packets!

We are on a mission to position SolDate and its native $DATE token as a global dating currency by leveraging blockchain technology. With this agreement, we are thrilled to expand our ecosystem with strong partners.
Consequently our community will be able to exchange $DATE tokens with more than 250 crypto assets on different chains on the SWFT Blockchain platform.

SWFT Blockchain’s technology combines blockchain, machine learning and big data to enable direct swaps between cryptocurrencies-offering a fast, affordable, and secure experience.

Its transfer protocol allows users to swap $DATE tokens at the best rates, in record speeds and with low fees. Furthermore, it also allows users to swap between chains.
SWFT Blockchain is currently the go-to protocol for cross-chain swaps between DeFi and CeFi currencies, stablecoins, and more.

Soldate is excited to welcome SWFT Blockchain to the ecosystem and thrilled to connect with the community and explore the multiple capabilities of blockchain applications.


Thanks to the support of our community, we had an incredible IDO on the Intersola platform . Within a short time, $DATE tokens were listed on many important DEX in the Solana ecosystem. Our team has a very intense roadmap for Soldate’s success and is committed to developing the SolDate ecosystem with great partnerships. We feel the support of our community most strongly and we have many great news that we look forward to sharing in the future.

We count the days until we build a more fascinating and productive relationship with SWFT Blockchain and hope the community is excited for the future!

We thank the SolDate community and the members of the wider Solana community for their faith and support in us.

Many thanks!

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Telegram: https://t.me/soldate_org

Discord: https://discord.gg/M523SmFfUc




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