SolDate X M3 Capital

Update: SolDate Strikes a Strategic Partnership Deal With M3 Capital To Tap Into The Emerging Central Asian And European Markets



As our business development team continues to ramp up their efforts, we have struck another strategic partnership deal with a venture capital and marketing support corporation M3 Capital. What’s more important is we have also secured some investment and commitment from M3 Capital to help us accentuate our marketing in specific and target demographic groups in particular geographies.

Last week, we had already successfully signed an MoU and partnership deal with a leading Swiss NFT marketplace All-Art. If you still haven’t read about how we have added more utility to $DATE by giving users a unique opportunity to purchase the hottest NFTs on a leading NFT marketplace. Please read our last business update here.

What’s The Deal?

M3 Capital is a capital and supports firm that provides startups — particularly in the blockchain domain — the necessary help to expand their presence and get global. They also extend financial support for all quintessential activities and other related expenses. As we are nearing our IDO, we have loosened all our horses to get as much visibility and reach for the most exciting blockchain-based dating token, $DATE. We are excited to receive so much support and positive responses from across the spectrum and the larger crypto community. The latest partnership deal with M3 Capital is final; we are moving to work together on a watertight marketing roadmap.

Marketing Support and Investments

One of the key advantages that we now have following our partnership with M3 Capital is that now we have the necessary support, both intellectual and financial, to tap into growing central Asian markets. The support is crucial as not all markets are structured the same and some subtle differences and techniques can help spearhead our marketing campaigns targeting potential $DATE users in those regions. M3 Capital brings years of experience and expertise to help us drive our campaign in these emerging markets. Also, as a part of the deal, they will provide us with manpower and financials to some extent to help us with marketing in Central Asia and some emerging Eastern European Markets.

What It Means for SolDate

The latest partnership deal with M3 Capital is strategic. From the very onset, we have been trying to position SolDate and its native $DATE tokens as a global dating currency, built leveraging blockchain technology. By tapping into the emerging markets in various parts of the world, we will make $DATE a global currency. Also, the blockchain integration and the ultra-advanced Solana protocol helps us to scale and nail the very idea of creating a single global Dating currency.

We Have More

The team is consistently pushing. We had already announced that we are already talking to many different potential partners. As we continue to move towards our IDO launch DATE, we will have more strategic and meaningful partnerships to announce. M3 Capital is one in the line — however, it is a really important deal that kept us on our toes all this time while we finalized the deal. The team is also in talks with blockchain-based projects that can provide support to the SolDate ecosystem through their disruptive technologies. Gear up to read some more exciting news in August!




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